The Red Bull X-Alps Legend: Toma Coconea

Next month Toma Coconea lines up on the start line of the Red Bull X-Alps for the sixth time.
By Josh Sampiero

Toma Coconea isn't just another Red Bull X-Alps athlete. He's competed in every Red Bull X-Alps since 2003 and among fans, is a legend for his incredible endurance and ability to keep going in the face of extreme hardship.

In both 2007 and 2011 he finished second to Christian Maurer, but on both occasions he covered most of the distance on foot. He 2011 he hiked 981km. In 2007 it was over 1,000km.

His physical endurance is all the more remakable considering doctors told him in 1999 that he might lose his left leg after a serious paragliding accident.

Next month the Romanian will line up on the start line to stake his claim to the podium. This time he has a new strategy. “Fly more and hike less,” he says.

Check out his video profile, above, to find out what drives the legend.


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