The Mountain Circus

What happens when you take a circus to the world's biggest stages? Watch and find out.
By Josh Sampiero

The film is called "Petit Bus Rouge" (Little Red Bus) but it's a bit of a misnomer. There's very little actual driving involved. Slack-lining, BASE jumping, wingsuits, and other big-mountain, high-altitude hijinks? Plenty of that.

The spectacular Flying Frenchies return with a trailer for their upcoming movie. Just released, it's an 80-minute feature film documenting never-before-seen stunts in settings that will make you gasp.

Underlying the hair-raising acts of insanity are true bonds of friendship developed over travel and adventure. Have a look and check out the circus. Clown suit optional; safety harness and parachute required.

Download the full-length film here:

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