Photos: Pro Kayaking in Southern Mexico

Browse through photos of pro kayakers riding the blue waters and large waterfalls of the Agua Azul.

Teva released a clip today featuring six pro-kayakers traversing through the rainforests of Southern Mexico to ride the Rio Tulijá -- a river that's best known for its beautiful blue waters and terrifying waterfalls. We received some still imagery from Teva that you can scroll down to enjoy.

The clip -- entitled "Beyond the Drop" -- provides a brief look behind a kayaker's journey to get to a river. From interacting with the locals to experiencing iconic locations (in this case, the Mayan ruins), there's always a story behind every drop.

The pro kayakers include Rush Sturges, Rafa Ortiz, Aniol Serrasolses, Casper Van Kalmthout and Martina Wegmen.