Photostory: The Last Great Climb

Alastair Lee recently launched the trailer to his new film but the images tell their own story.
By Marc Schwarz

The 2013 film, Last Great Climb from Alastair Lee is set to be the 'epic to end all mountain epics'. Check out our interview with Alastair Lee to find out why. 

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Ulvetanna in Antarctica
Ulvetanna in Antarctica The team heads towards the NE ridge of Ulvetanna in Antarctica'a Queen Maud Land. The film documents an attempt to make the first ascent of the ridge by climbers Leo Houlding, Jason Pickles and Sean 'Stanley' Leary. "It is the masterpiece of the range, like a fantasy mountain," says Lee. © Alastair Lee/
Alastair Lee on location
Alastair Lee on location Filmmaker Alastair Lee in Antarctica for the Last Great Climb © Alastair Lee/
Sean 'Stanley' Leary shows his moves
Sean 'Stanley' Leary shows his moves Sean 'Stanley' Leary takes the lead on the stunning Ulvetanna, Antarctica. The mountain was first climbed by a Norwegian team, via the west face, in 1994. © Alastair Lee/
The team enjoy some sun
The team enjoy some sun The team take advantage of clear weather to relax and enjoy some sun, although it remains brutally cold. © Alastair Lee/
"Anyone got the number for pizza delivery?"
"Anyone got the number for pizza delivery?" The team holes up for the night as an Antarctic storm batters the tents. © Alastair Lee/
Leo on lead
Leo on lead Leo Houlding takes the lead on a stunning dihedral on Ulvetanna. © Alastair Lee/
Leo Houlding
Leo Houlding One of Britain's most engaging climbers, Leo is a rock specialist who has made first ascents all over the world. "He only knows how to go for it," says Lee. © Alastair Lee/
Put it on ice
Put it on ice In an ice cave carved out as an emergency shelter at advanced base camp below the wall, Leo and Stanley enjoy some 'chilling'. © Alastair Lee/
Leo heads up fixed ropes
Leo heads up fixed ropes The North East ridge of Ulvetanna in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica is one of the most impressive lines anywhere on the planet. © Alastair Lee/
Jaw-dropping exposure on the NE ridge
Jaw-dropping exposure on the NE ridge The climb offered outrageously exposed climbing on the NE ridge with spectacular views across Antarctica. © Alastair Lee/
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Where's the Turkey? Sean 'Stanley' Leary, Jason Pickles and Leo Houlding pull crackers and get the Champagne out on Christmas Day 2012. © Alastair Lee/
The strain shows
The strain shows The toll from days spent battling raging winds, temperatures as low as -25 degrees and difficult climbing without gloves begin to show on Leo Houlding. © Alastair Lee/