Planning Red Bull X-Alps Victory: Paul Guschlbauer

Austrian athlete Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) is approaching Red Bull X-Alps with methodical madness.
By Josh Sampiero

Austrian Paul Guschlbauer was a surprise success in the last edition of the Red Bull X-Alps, placing third. This year, no one will be surprised if Guschlbauer wins the whole thing, and videos like this one explain exactly why.

Guschlbauer takes us through his intense exploration of the Red Bull X-Alps route, planning every kilometer between Salzburg and Monaco. Of course, he's just as meticulous about his equipment, examining every line and every attachment - even load-testing the wing with a good yank from a sports car.

But most importantly, the reason he does it remains the same: he enjoys it. "It's about having fun with as few errors along the way as possible," says Guschlbauer. Who do we think will be happiest if his wins: his support team, including girlfriend Sara Gudelius. If that's not inspiration, we don't know what is!

Can't get enough of the Red Bull X-Alps?Check out the event page here.

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