Watch: Definitive Documentary on Red Bull X-Alps

Sit down for a real in-depth look at Red Bull X-Alps -- 10 years of pain, suffering and glory.
By Josh Sampiero

Paragliding, hiking and of course, near super-human endurance. These are the skills that will get the Red Bull X-Alps athletes from Salzburg, Austria, to Monaco.

Of course, both the Red Bull X-Alps athletes and the race itself have evolved significantly over the years. The race has grown in scope; just 17 adventurers lined up on the first start line 10 years ago. This year there are 31 world class athletes, who will take on the challenge.

In the documentary above, Michael Gebert, a multiple Red Bull X-Alps competitor, takes us through some of the pain, exhaustion, and excitement from years past, as well sharing his own personal experiences. Unfortunately, Gebert had to pull out just one week before the start of this year's event, due to injury.

Red Bull X-Alps begins Sunday, July 7, at 5:30 a.m. ET. You can follow the live tracker on the event page.

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