Red Bull X-Alps day 8 video: Maurer wins !

Christian "Chrigel" Maurer was in it to win it – and the way he did was incredibly impressive.
By Josh Sampiero

Almost exactly one week after the start of the race in Salzburg's Mozartplatz, Christian Maurer (SUI1) arrived to a crowd of cheering fans at Peille, France. Dominating the race in a manner that's never seen before, the question became not whether Chrigel would win, but how high the bar would be set.

By the time Maurer hit the Matterhorn, the answer was obvious: on the longest Red Bull X-Alps course ever designed, Chrigel would finish first, and he would finish fast – hundreds of kilometers in front of his nearest competitor. Watch the video above to get just a taste of the elation Maurer and his team felt upon arriving at the final turnpoint.


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