Movies in the mountains: St Anton Film Fest

Outdoor enthusiasts gather in the Alps for a weekend incredible outdoor documentary.
Ines Papert, mid-ascent. © Franz Walter
By Josh Sampiero

While St Anton may be known for its aprés-ski scene, the small mountain town has quite a history. Regarded as one of the first true ski destinations, it's location in the Tyrolean Alps make it the perfect gateway to adventure.

That also makes it the perfect spot for the annual St Anton Film Festival, which features unique and compelling cinema pieces every year. Skiing, bouldering, sport climbing and pure alpinism are all featured disciplines.

Check out the clip from Red Bull climber Bernd Zangerl – a past host of the St Anton Film Festival – below.

© Ray Demski/Red Bull Content Pool

Here's another preview of a film from British mountaineers Mick Fowler and Paul Ramsden, for an ascent on the northeast ridge of Shiva, in India. The climb earned them a Piolet d'Or nomination.

© Piolet d'Or

To check out more of the featured films, head over to the St Anton Film Festival website – just don't get too distracted from work!

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