30 Seconds of Shane: Wingsuit

Shane McConkey was more than a thrillseeker or daredevil – he was an action sports revolutionary.
By Josh Sampiero

"There's nothing better than sliding through snow and flying through the air." - Shane McConkey

Shane McConkey was one of the pioneers of the big-mountain freeski movement, as well as a ski-BASE pioneer. Brash, daring and outspoken, with an undeniable sense of charm and approachability, McConkey was everybody's favourite skier.

Celebrated among fans for his incredible skiing, gutsy maneouvres and sense of style, and revered among friends for his sense of humour and positive outlook on life, his death during a ski-BASE jump was met with sadness across the action sports world.

Nevertheless, wingsuit flight was one of the things Shane enjoyed the most in the world – and the short clip above shows you why.

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