Rugged waterproof camera: Fuji FinePix XP200

Want great images from places normal cameras fear to tread? Grab the Fuji FinePix XP200.
The Fuji FinePix XP200 © Fuji
By Toby Archer

By taking a decent camera to wild places, you often come away with good photos. We don’t all have the skill, equipment and commitment to get the awe-inspiring images we often see here on But if you climb, kayak or backpack in enough wild places and snap enough photos, you’re going to get some winners — and the Fuji FinePix XP200 is designed to help you do just that.

The Fuji FinePix XP200 © Fuji

The XP200 is a 5x optical-zoom camera with all the common features of modern compacts. But it's set apart by a seriously tough body that makes it ideal for outdoor adventures. Shockproof (I dropped it whilst balancing it on a cliff to take bouldering selfies); waterproof (to 15m, but keep it on a string in the sea as it sinks!); resistant to cold, dust and sand; and with chunky buttons and casing that make it easy to handle in the wet or with gloves on.

Wireless transfer and the Fuji app allows sharing your pics instantly as long as you have a phone signal. It fits easily in the chest pocket of a shell jacket when ski touring or thigh pocket of shorts when rock climbing.

Having your camera accessible is vital — no matter how great a camera is, if it is packed in your backpack you won’t be taking any shots, let alone good ones.

A small criticism is that the battery life isn’t as good as on some compacts – if you were off for a week in the wilderness you’d want a spare battery or a solar charger – but beyond this the XP200 is great for snapping in the silliest places.

Of course, showing is always better than telling, so check out a selection of pics I took with the XP200.

Fuji FinePix XP200; $279 USD

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