30 Seconds of Shane: Skiing

Few people made high-level skiing look as effortless as the late Shane McConkey.
By Josh Sampiero

McConkey wasn't born with skis on his feet – but they appeared not long after.

This video is a continuation of the 30 Seconds of Shane video series, leading up to the release of the full-length documentary on ski legend Shane McConkey. The life-long snowsports athlete was a racer,  freestyler, and big-mountain skier. McConkey's proficiency in all disciplines of skiing was one of the things that made him so impressive. As friend JT Holmes states, he may have been the best do-it-all skier around.

Brash, daring and outspoken, with an undeniable sense of charm and approachability, McConkey was everybody's favourite skier. Celebrated among fans for his incredible skiing, gutsy maneouvres and sense of style, and revered among friends for his sense of humour and positive outlook on life, his death during a ski-BASE jump was met with sadness across the action sports world.

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