Photos: two great days of adventure relay

An adventure relay race is all about the team – but when you're out there, you're on your own.
By Tarquin Cooper

'Team racing' is a bit of a misnomer – for many multi-discipline relay races, the only time you'll see your teammate is when you're passing the baton or tagging them to start the next section. Otherwise, it's more like a solo adventure – and one that's fast and furious, as these athletes at  Red Bull Éléments and Red Bull GerGetit discovered at the weekend.

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Paddle power
Paddle power A Gergetit competitor finishes the whitewater kayak section of the race and prepares to tag his teammate. © Alexander Davitashvili/Red Bull Content Pool
The exhilaration of exhaustion
The exhilaration of exhaustion An Éléments mountain runner at the top of the course, energy entirely expended. © Damien Rosso / Red Bull Content Pool
Bike flight
Bike flight A mountain biker catches some inadvertent (or potentially purposeful) air on the Gergetit race course. © Rezi Kenia/Red Bull Content Pool
Racing up a rock
Racing up a rock The climb/scramble portion of the course required speed, agility and a quick belay partner. © Nikoloz Paniashvili / Red Bull Content Pool
The ultra ultrarunner
The ultra ultrarunner World-renowned high-altitude trail runner Kilian Jornet competed in this year's Red Bull Éléments – and barely looks like he broke a sweat. © Damien Rosso / Red Bull Content Pool
Relay riding
Relay riding A competitor racks up the bike miles during the pedal portion of Red Bull Éléments in Talloires, France. © Stephane Candé / Red Bull Content Pool
Race, then rest
Race, then rest Gergetit competitors weren't booked up in a posh hotel. Hey, if you raced hard, you can sleep anywhere. © Rezi Kenia/Red Bull Content Pool
Airing it out
Airing it out Franck Vandemaele flies from la Tournette. Alone in the air, he'll land in front of a crowd at Lac d'Annecy. © Alexandre Buisse / Red Bull Content Pool
Climbing to the sun
Climbing to the sun The Kazgebi mountains provide ample bouldering opportunities – such as this overhanging arch. © Daniel Kolodin/Red Bull Content Pool
Biking instead of hiking
Biking instead of hiking It is far faster to go downhill than up – a fact this Red Bull Éléments competitor is taking advantage of. © Stephane Candé / Red Bull Content Pool
Ran out
Ran out Sacha Devillaz's face says it all after the running stage in Talloires. © Damien Rosso / Red Bull Content Pool
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