Charge up anywhere: Goal Zero solar power

Make sure your outdoor adventure is properly powered with a solar charger.
Goal Zero Guide 7 Panel and Guide 10 Battery Pack
By Josh Sampiero

When ski mountaineer Brody Leven planned a month-long stay on Alaska's Mt Denali, one thing was for certain: he didn't have enough room for batteries. Since the teams would be hauling all their supplies up in sleds, every ounce was vital. But to properly record and document their adventure, they were going to need electronics – and more than a few.

The Goal Zero solar charging set up in use.

What came to the rescue? The Goal Zero solar charging kit. "With just a few pounds of Goal Zero solar panels and power packs, our 14-person team was able to keep our collection of cameras, phones, laptops, e-books, iPods, and GoPro Hero3 Blacks charged by harnessing the free, healthy, and sustainable power of the sun," says Leven. 

Even though you might not be headed to Denali, the versatile Goal Zero kit can save your day, too. One versatile feature we liked: you can charge the Guide 10 battery pack via a USB cable in your home, meaning you'll have a full extra charge the minute you leave the door. 

Or, use the Nomad 7 Solar panel to charge the battery pack while you're out on adventure.  Put it somewhere exposed, plug it in, and let the sun do the work. Built-in attachment points let you fasten it to a backpack (or wherever else you'd like) and the whole kit – solar panel and battery pack – weighs just 540g (just over a pound).

Goal Zero solar power kit, €120

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