Photos: pedaling down the Amazon

Hervé Neukomm is traveling the length of the Amazon River – using a bike.
By Evan David

The idea to travel the length of the Amazon came to Hervé Neukomm when he was in the middle of the Namibian desert. The most curious part? He's doing it in a boat powered by his trusty bicycle. Learn more about the intrepid traveler in our story here – but first, check out the photo gallery below.

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Amazon awandering
Amazon awandering Hervé Neukomm pilots his biciboat through a narrower section of the Amazon river amidst lust tropical greenery. © Hervé Neukomm
The bike that powers the boat
The bike that powers the boat “Any kind of boat powered by pedals is a pedalo but mine is a bit different,” says Hervé. “I kept the whole bicycle intact and outfitted the boat with two side propellers. I built it with the help of a carpenter in Ecuador and the boat is all made by cedar wood.” © Hervé Neukomm
Just out for a cruise...
Just out for a cruise... Says Hervé: “Some people think I´m crazy to go in such a small boat in such a big river (and, now that I know the Amazon, I completely agree) and some people are full of admiration.” © Hervé Neukomm
Sunset – a place for reflection
Sunset – a place for reflection The Amazon is wild, wonderful river – and place of complete serenity. For Hervé, it's a place for reflection. "I'm feeling strong and somehow, completely connected with the jungle. I would like to believe that I'm feeling in complete harmony with the jungle, but with a lot of respect and humility." © Hervé Neukomm
Yes, they bite, but...
Yes, they bite, but... It could be worse. Many animals inhabit the Amazon, but this is one of the few that's less dangerous than it looks. It's not a full size alligator, but a 'caiman' – a smaller species of alligator. © Hervé Neukomm
Enjoying the pure life
Enjoying the pure life By the end of his trip, Hervé Neukomm will have cycled 7,500km on 26 different rivers of the Amazon basin, bringing him all the way to the Atlantic Basin. Yes, he deserves a moment of relaxation. © Hervé Neukomm
Letting the locals take a spin
Letting the locals take a spin Says Hervé: "The locals give me all kind of reactions. Most of them are amazed and fascinated by the boat. Some people don't understand the concept and are sure that there is a motor, hidden somewhere. It's always a good laugh when they understand that the motor are effectively my legs." © Hervé Neukomm
Soaking up the shade
Soaking up the shade The brutal heat of the Amazon region takes its toll on the human body – good thing the bici-boat is equipped with a shade structure to protet Herve from the unrelenting sun. © Hervé Neukomm
Just saying hello
Just saying hello This is a young Amazon river dolphin. How does one know it's young? Older river dolphins have a distinctly light pink color. The river dolphin is also known for its gregarious personality, and lack of fear of humans. © Hervé Neukomm
A really big rat
A really big rat This is the capybara – more famously known as the largest rodent in the world. The amphibious creature is as comfortable in the water as on the land. Brazil is home to one of the largest native populations. © Hervé Neukomm
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