Photos: de Dorlodot's top five adventures

Take a flight with one of the most experienced vol-bivvy pilots in the world.
By Josh Sampiero

Thomas de Dorlodot is not a man known for taking it easy. Over the last six years, he and his paraglider have travelled the world. Read more about some of the highlights here – but first, check out the incredible photo gallery below.

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Vol-cano De Dorlodot's vol-bivvy trip in Tanzania took him over an active volcano. © SEARCH Productions
Falling water
Falling water The 108m Victoria Falls, between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is one of the most incredible sights in the natural world. When classified by width and height, it's the planet's biggest waterfall. © SEARCH Productions
Flew to Trango
Flew to Trango The Karakoram's Trango Towers are among the iconic climbs in northern Pakistan (and in the world.) Their massive vertical cliffs offer some of the most challenging and pure high-altitude climbing in the world. © SEARCH Productions
Pyrenees paragliding
Pyrenees paragliding De Dorlodot's solo hike-and-fly of the Pyrenees took place just this past August. © SEARCH Productions
Over the Okavango
Over the Okavango The Okavango River begins in Angola, forms a portion of the border between Angola and Namibia, and eventually reaches the Okavango Delta in Botswana, where it evaporates rather than draining into an ocean. © SEARCH Productions
Paragliding over pyramids
Paragliding over pyramids Yes, it looks Egypt – but actually, these pyramids are located in Sudan. Before you ask, no, he didn't his paraglider off the pyramids. © SEARCH Productions
Keep the glider dry!
Keep the glider dry! OK, when we said adventure gets you wet, sometimes that means REALLY wet. Notice how de Dorlodot is carefully keeping his glider out of the water! © SEARCH Productions
Living off the land
Living off the land One of Thomas' must-have piece of equipment is his fishing pole. With catches like this, we can see why! Fish is for supper tonight. © SEARCH Productions
Walking through water
Walking through water One thing about adventure – it rarely means staying dry, whether it's rain, sweat, or simply trudging through a stream. © SEARCH Productions
Showing off for the locals
Showing off for the locals Thomas swoops in on his paraglider in Tanzania, in East Africa. The biggest highlight from Tanzania? Flying over an active volcano. © SEARCH Productions
Flight risk
Flight risk This is a view few have ever seen – Machu Picchu from above. To get this view, de Dorlodot snuck his paraglider into the park, and evaded guards to launch. For his stunt, he spent a few hours in jail. Worth it? Definitely. © SEARCH Productions
Meeting the locals
Meeting the locals De Dorlodot takes a moment to pose with locals during his travels in Africa. © SEARCH Productions
Hiking the Hispar Pass
Hiking the Hispar Pass The Hispar Pass is a non-technical mountain pass in the Karakoram. Don't let 'non-technical' fool you – it's still at 5,128m. © SEARCH Productions
A flight over middle earth
A flight over middle earth De Dorlodot calls his cross-country vol-bivvy across New Zealand 'one of his best adventures ever.' With views like this, it's easy to see why. © SEARCH Productions
High over the Karakoram
High over the Karakoram Thomas de Dorlodot soaring above the Baltoro Glacier high over the Karakoram range in Pakistan. © SEARCH Productions
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