7 great adventure film trailers

Need to get fired up for winter, or want to reminisce over summer? These adventure films will help.
Leo Houlding in The Last Great Climb © posingproductions.com
By Brendan Leonard

Summer's adventure season is over, and winter's hasn't begun, but that doesn't mean you should be without your daily dose of internet awesomeness. Good for you it's film festival season, when explorers, climbers, skiers, filmmakers and producers show off their best stuff from the past year.

Red Bull Adventure writer Brendan Leonard rounded up seven top-notch adventure trailers from flicks premiering at film festivals around the world. Slip on your headphones and enjoy.

High and Hallowed 1963

In 1963, an American expedition went to Mt. Everest to take a shot at the summit, which at that time had seen less than 10 successful attempts. When Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld left base camp for what they thought might be a new route on the world’s highest peak, there was no turning back.

The Last Great Climb

Leo Houlding, Sean Leary, and Jason Pickles tackle one of the last great lines in mountaineering: the northeast ridge of 2931m Ulvetanna Peak. Antarctica is a tough place to climb, let alone film — but Alastair Lee and his crew deliver.

© posingproductions.com

The Road From Karakol

In 2011, alpinist Kyle Dempster loaded up a mountain bike with climbing gear and headed to the back roads of Kyrgyzstan by himself, looking for adventure. He found it, but not nearly like he’d imagined.

© Kyle Dempster


The folks at Powderwhore Productions explore the skiing world without lifts, waivers, or groomed runs, and take us to the fringe of what we think we know about skiing. They say it’s “part ski porn, part documentary and a full-on propaganda piece promoting the joys and wonder of exploring on skis and split-board.”


Junkies on a Budget calls Satori a "crowd-sourced" ski movie: five different film crews each made a segment of this film, each with different skiers and riders in different locations, from off-piste to the terrain park.


Unlike most of the other fillms on the list, this one's not about an adventure, it's about a man, and, unfortunately, his untimely demise. But despite a shorter time on this earth than he (and many others) would have liked, Shane McConkey may have been the ultimate personification of 'thrill-seeker'. Want more? Check out 10 reasons to see 'McConkey'.

Into the Empty Quarter

In 2012, Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron loaded 300kg into a cart and pulled it 1,000 miles across the Arabian Peninsula. Inspired by British explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger, the two men battled heat, hunger, and thirst, trekking into the "Empty Quarter," and share their journey in this "modern telling of a classic travel story."

© Alastair Humphreys
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