Photos: Brian Grubb wakeskates rice terraces

Brian Grubb, wakeskate pioneer, scores a one-of-a-kind session in a world-class location.
By Josh Sampiero

Brian Grubb has been taking wakeskating new places as long as he's been in the sport – but he's never taken it quite somewhere like this. Along with German wakeskater Dominik Preisner, Grubb chased down a dream he found on the back of a Philippine peso – the 2,000-year-old rice terraces of Banaue. The pools carved into the side of a mountain provided “great potential for wakeskating in a totally natural environment,” says Grubb. We agree. After you peep the photos below, be sure to check out the video

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Long-grain slide
Long-grain slide Grubb with a frontboard shuv on the tree rail. "It was a technical line," says Grubb. "You really had to plan your run." © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Watering the plants
Watering the plants Grubb sends spray over the edge of the pool. The rice terraces were built over 2,000 years ago. "Usually, there's not that much water in them," says Grubb. "The locals filed them up." © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Walking the line
Walking the line Unlike a boat with a driver, the winch doesn't swing around and pick you up after every run – you grab the handle and trudge back to the start of the line. A workout? Well, it's certainly more effort than floating around the lake. © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
The vision of a pioneer
The vision of a pioneer Brian Grubb isn't just a world champion wakeskater – he's also one of the pioneers of the sport. It took his visionary mind to conceive of and execute this session – and it was clearly worth the effort. © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Night ricer
Night ricer Sorry, we couldn't resist! Grubb sends it on to the rail in an after-dark photo shoot. The lack of light surely added an additional challenge to the already-challenging four-drop line. © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Head in the clouds
Head in the clouds Moisture collects in the early morning. "We'd be up at four, five in the morning, getting ready to ride," says Grubb. "We hit a few different spots and rode a few different lines." © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Virgin valley
Virgin valley "The top pool is four or five meters wide, and it just opens up into this huge valley," says Grubb. "The valley is super scenic." The perfect place for a 30-foot down rail. © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Terrace air
Terrace air Grubb ollies out of the first pool. "We used a 160m line, flat bar from the pool, ollie the second 5-foot drop, a down-rail 8 foot drop, and a flat rail to down. You have to land in the right spot to get to the rail! 10m in between the rails, you really have to plan your line. Very technical." © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
Sunset spray
Sunset spray Grubb sends off a day of riding with a sunset run, with the scenic valley spreading out below. The best part of the terraces? Options. "We rode three or four different lines, and there's room for as many as seven or eight," says Grubb. "Hopefully we get permission to do an event there.” © Daniel Deak Bardos/Sophia Langner
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