Photos: best of standup paddling

SUPs aren't just for yoga and cruising on lakes. The big boards can take you on big adventures.
By Josh Sampiero

While people are still getting used to seeing standup paddleboards (SUPs) cruising around local lakes and bays, the sport's pioneers are taking their boards everywhere. Scroll below to see some incredile SUP locations (and waves) that will make you want to pick up a paddle today. 

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Tube time
Tube time Bernd Roediger prepares to tuck into a South Pacific barrel in the Marshall Islands. “I came for two weeks,” says the young shredder, “but ended up staying for over a month. My dad was jealous.” © Si Crowther
White and wild
White and wild Drew Brophy runs the meat of Lava Rapid, arguably the biggest rapid on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. © Seth Warren
Taming Tavarua
Taming Tavarua To most surfers in the world, Tavarua is a dream destination. Robby Naish scores a dream wave in the South Pacific. © Tom Servais/Red Bull Content Pool
Cyclone swell
Cyclone swell Raimana Van Bastolaer lines up a massive cyclone swell on an outer secret reef in Tahiti. © Ben Thouard
Canyon contrasts
Canyon contrasts Drew Brophy explores the milky blue waters of Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Grand Canyon. © Seth Warren
A board among bergs
A board among bergs Chris Friis at the famous Jökulsárlón iceberg lagoon on the southeastern edge of Iceland. © Si Crowther
Making waves in Montana
Making waves in Montana Matt Rusher gets a little surf while charging a fall run on the Alberton Gorge outside Missoula, Montana. © Seth Warren
SUP in the city
SUP in the city Robby Naish paddles around Venice, Italy. © Damiano Levati/Red Bull Content Pool
Shark attack
Shark attack Manu Bouvet surfs over a shark while scoring the perfect SUP session alone on one of the best waves of Tuamotu. © Ben Thouard
Kai Lenny's Teahupo'o charge
Kai Lenny's Teahupo'o charge Kai Lenny shows he's got what it takes to ride Chopes. The world-champion standup paddler takes off on the world's heaviest wave. © Ben Thouard
Nile ride
Nile ride Kirk Hollis taking laps on the Nile Special Rapid between surf sessions on the wave. White Nile, Uganda. © Seth Warren
Wandering to waterfalls
Wandering to waterfalls Nikki Gregg (front) and a friend explore Washington's Lewis River, famous for its many waterfalls. © Chris Emerick
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