Photos: canyoning in Montenegro

Rock climbs and waterfalls, flying leaps and deep plunges – the new way to explore new places.
By Joshua Sampiero
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Ready, set, wet
Ready, set, wet “We want to present to other people those hard to reach places that are often difficult to describe in words.” © Predrag Vuckovic

Deep in the hills and mountains of Serbia and Montenegro, Predrag Vučković and the Extreme Canyoning team are exploring rarely-seen rivers as they abseil, rappel and leap through canyons. “We're moving against nature's obstacles, like waterfalls, vertical walls, water pools and running water,” says Vučković. “Our main goal is to make the guide book about canyons in this region. At some later point we will move on to some other country and try to do the same!” Scroll down for incredible pictures of extreme canyoning.

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Exit left
Exit left Rappelling down a waterfall in the 'Seoski potok' canyon located at National Park Tara on Mount Zvijezda, in Serbia. © Predrag Vuckovic
Canyon camera
Canyon camera “Making pictures in the canyon is very difficult. Not only do you have to change settings in the camera and think about various shooting angles and different lenses, but you also have to stay focused on the safety of yourself and other team members.” © Predrag Vuckovic
Rock falls
Rock falls Constant physical and skill training courses are common among the team members of our crew, which are also experienced alpine climbers and speleologysts, as well as mountain rescue team members. This is a waterfall in the 'Barska Reka' canyon at the Kopaonik Mountain national park in Serbia. © Predrag Vuckovic
Roping up to go down
Roping up to go down Preparing for battle in the wild water of 'Nevido' canyon. Extreme canyoning sometimes requires specialized climbing gear. © Predrag Vuckovic
View from above
View from above The 'Skudra' is a magnificent canyon located along the walls of the old city fortress of Kotor in Montenegro. © Predrag Vuckovic
Dropping down
Dropping down Members of Extreme Canyoning team rappel down in the 'Grlja', the most difficult canyon of Montenegro, in the Prokletije Mountains, Montenegro. © Predrag Vuckovic
Diligent discovery
Diligent discovery “Besides mere canyon walkthroughs, our team is doing research work, so we had the pleasure to discover some canyons first, and have noted their exact locations and characteristics. This is the 'Vruca Rijeka', the biggest canyon in Montenegro, located near the city of Bar.” © Predrag Vuckovic
Aqua shot
Aqua shot “During my photography career and with experince from adventures and actions that we have organised, I used various cameras, lenses and shooting techniques. It’s not rare that I use underwater photographic equipment in order to make some really unique photos.” © Predrag Vuckovic
Rocky road
Rocky road Succesfully navigating a canyon often requires teamwork. © Predrag Vuckovic
Walking to water
Walking to water “Walking through the Bogutovski potok canyon at the Morachke Platije mountain in Montenegro. At this time, we are focused on the region of Serbia and Montenegro where most of the known and unknown canyons are located.” © Predrag Vuckovic
Necessary descent
Necessary descent “Canyoning is extreme sport that can be very risky, and often you might find yourself in life threating situations. Sometimes in such dangerous situations, when the risk can’t be avoided by escape, the only thing that can be done is to just keep on going.” © Predrag Vuckovic
To jump or not to jump
To jump or not to jump Looking down to the canyon 'Vruca Rijeka', the biggest canyon of Montenegro. Often, the only way to continue... is to jump. © Predrag Vuckovic
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