Climbing 7 Giants: Stefan Glowacz in Siberia

Far off in the tundra lies one of climbing's most unique challenges.
By Evan David

Earlier in 2013, Stefan Glowacz trudged across the frozen Russian outback in search of a something big – 7 Giants, to be exact.

The unique rock and ice formations are considered one of 'the seven wonders of Russia'.

The recently-released clip above gives an inside look into what it took to climb the Giants.

Due to their remote location in Siberia, they are relatively untouched by tourism – and the peaks, while not incredibly high, were unclimbed until Glowacz turned up. It was an extreme challenge for the experienced rock and ice climber.

Of course, it's only possible to climb them after going through quite an adventure to get there – and that's what this video is all about.


Stefan Glowacz and Uli Theinert on the way to climb a rock formation during the Red Bull 7 Giants project located north of the Ural mountains in the Troitsko-Pechorsky District, Komi Republic, Russia on February 17th 2013
Stefan Glowacz and Uli Theinert in 7 Giants © Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Content Pool

The climbers used all kinds of methods to arrive at the 7 Giants – from snowmobile to snowkiting, making their adventure all the more challenging. Says Glowacz: “It was one of the most mind-blowing expeditions I've ever done.” After watching, we can see why.

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