Photos: the world's sickest slacklines

Slackliners are taking their sport to new levels – and new locations. Don't look down...
By Josh Sampiero

There's nothing lazy about these 'slackers', but to the unitiated, they certainly look crazy. The niche sport has risen to new heights as balance experts tie up open-air traverses in incredible new places. Below, we showcase some of the best images we've seen. Photographer Krystle Wright shares some of her favourite shots along with a few from climber and slackliner Hainz Zak. Then there's a selection from this year's Red Bull Illume Image Quest, and one epic moon-lit shot from climber Dean Potter.

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Light on the line
Light on the line LED lights showcase the movements Chris Rigby needs to balance walking "Just Like A Dream" highline in Cosumnes River Gorge, Placerville, Ca. The line is 75m long with 8 feet of sag standing in the middle, with 800 pounds tension on 2 stacked pieces of 1 inch wide Type-18 nylon webbing. © Krystle Wright
Looking down the line
Feet in close focus at the Red Bull Slackliners event, shot by photographer Krystle Wright
Looking down the line Krystle Wright brings the feet into focus with this close-up. Slackliners will typically balance the line under the centre of their foot. © Krystle Wright
Life on Mars
high lining
Life on Mars Moab, Utah offers a variety of slacklining options in the famous 'Red Cliffs' region. © Krystle Wright
Emily Sukiennik highlining in the Moab Desert
Emily Sukiennik highlining between an arch
Emily Sukiennik highlining in the Moab Desert There is such a thing as a 'professional slackliner' and Emily Sukiennik is just that. Here, she highlines an arch in the Moab Desert, Utah. © Krystle Wright
Swinging through the trees
Ben Plotkin-Swing performing on a highline between the trees
Swinging through the trees Ben Plotkin-Swing walks a 67m highline through the California Redwoods during the Humboldt Highlining Festival. © Krystle Wright
Spot the highliner
Spot the highliner A small crew including Andy Lewis, Jerry Miszewski, Preston Alden and Ryan Robinson establish this new 180.1ft highline on the coast of Northern California called "Poseidon" for short. (Don't ask about the long name.) Here, Andy Lewis walks a 180.1ft high line. © Krystle Wright
Red Bull Illume 2013 Top-250 Martin Lugger
Highliner Athlete Florian Ebner walks a daring line over the Lienzer Dolomites in Austria in this Red Bull Illume finalist image. © Martin Lugger/Red Bull Illume
Eyeing the highline
Red Bull Illume 2013 Top-250 Harald Wisthaler
Eyeing the highline Armin Holzer eyes a slackline crossing in South Tyrol. © Harald Wisthaler/Red Bull Illume
Walking on water
Walking on water Heinz Zak traverses a waterline over the Riffelsee, with the iconic Matterhorn peak in the background. © Heinz Zak
High above the treeline
Red Bull Illume 2013 Top-250 Alexandre Buisse
High above the treeline Mich Kemeter freely traverses in Yosemite National Park. © Alexandre Buisse/Red Bull Illume
Dean Potter slackline in Yosemite
Dean Potter slackline in Yosemite
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