Video: wakeboarding in Patagonia

Wakeboarder Parks Bonifay and friends score in Patagonia, where chunks of ice adorn glacial lakes.
By Evan David

On any given weekend, you can find the likes of Parks Bonifay and Adam Errington grabbing wakeboard sessions on the warm, sun-bathed lakes of central Florida, the place they call home.

But as you can see in the video above, recently, the boys joined wakeboarders Cutun Martin and Tomas Karagozian, and travelled quite far from home. Packing their boards and boots, they headed to Argentina to ride the lakes in the 'Los Glacieres Parque Nacional'.

While the boys had to ditch the board shorts for drysuits, it was all worth it as they got to hit some of the coolest natural 'features' the world has to offer. Want more? Check out the photo gallery by clicking the link above.

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