Fly like Jokke Sommer in this wingsuit video game

This Playstation video game lets you take the controls and see the world like a wingsuit pilot.
By Josh Sampiero

When Jokke Sommer interrupted an interview about his Aiguille du Midi under-the-bridge flight to ask if we had a Sony Playstation, we were confused. We were talking about adventure – who cares about video games?

Sommer continued: “There's a new wingsuit video game where you can actually fly as me!”

Real-life wingsuit lines add to the experience.

Of course, it won't offer much training for Jokke who often gets in over 100 jumps a year, sometimes even five or six on one day – but natural scenery reflects what he enjoys the most. “I prefer mountains for the purity and the enjoyment of the flight, ” says Sommer. “Buildings offer more of a high-adrenaline experience.”

A benefit of the game? You won't ever have to walk away from a jump, which Jokke says he does regularly. For every 100 times he's standing at a take-off, Sommer estimates he walks away on 15 of them – usually due to wind. “Sometimes even just 2 m/s of wind is too much.”


This could be you – on the controlller.

He was excited. We were excited. If you're anything like the editors over here at the Red Bull Adventure channel, you've spent plenty of time watching first-person, helmet-cam wing suit footage and daydreaming about the day you had enough time, money and skydive jumps under your belt to step into one of those crazy contraptions and squirrel your way down from the skies.

Now your daydream can at least be a digital reality. The game uses graphical renditions of actual wingsuit flight paths for an extra dose of awesome.

Here's the game! Skydive: Proximity Flight. Try not to let Jokke crash into anything hard!



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