Video: The Network goes bouldering, Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Network takes an inside look at bouldering with Anna Stöhr and Daniel Woods.
By Evan David

The Network is a climbing documentary that reveals not only incredibly difficult vertical challenges, but the lives and relationships of the people who climb them.

Episode 2, above, follows Austrian climber Anna Stöhr in Colorado as she transitions to outdoor climbing after a competition, and bouldering bad-ass Daniel Woods, from Colorado, as he tackles a challenging boulder problem in Switzerland.

Scene from the climbing film ?The Network? shows Daniel Woods from the USA bouldering in Magic Wood of Switzerland.
Daniel Woods bouldering in Switzerland. © CFF / Red Bull Content Pool

For Stöhr, it's a refreshing transition out of the competition arena and into the great outdoors.

For Woods, an athlete known for his dedication to difficult problems, we see how the ascent of an approximately 4m-high boulder takes the talented climber 10 days to crack. It's a display of pure dedication to the sport.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more episodes from The Network. Be sure to check them out for more forearm-pumping, climbing action!

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