Dear Santa: the gear top adventurers want

Figuring what to add to your Christmas wishlist? We asked Red Bull athletes what tops theirs.
Thomas De Dorlodot's hike-and-fly gear. © John Stapels
By Evan David

Even though most of our adventurers have grown up, they still want some toys. Here's what they've asked Santa for this year.

Paul Guschlbauer, paraglider: Garmin VIRB
The new action camera from Garmin with GPS. I can't wait to get my hands on one! It combines GPS readings such as speed and distance and displays this automatically.

Garmin VIRB black and grey
Garmin VIRB black and grey © Garmin

Ryan Sandes, ultra-runner: slackline and SUP board
Slacklining is great for the general strength and balance needed for trail running. It’s also a really fun way to relax, unwind and enjoy the outdoors. I'd also love a SUP (stand-up paddleboard). I normally take a break from running in December so having a SUP board would be perfect for those hot summer days.

Paddling off to nowhere does sound like adventure. © Richard Hallman/Starboard

Tom de Dorlodot, paraglider: a boat
Dear Santa, I am now on a boat in the middle of the Ocean, searching for new paragliding spots in the Pacific Islands with the SEARCH team. I am loving it. I’d love a small sailing boat to travel around the world!

Cedric doesn't need reindeer to fly. © Content Pool

Cedric Dumont, skydiver: new wingsuit
On my wishlist are my new wingsuit prototype from Squirrel and a few GoPro Hero 3 cameras. I also want a new drone quad-copter and RC flying wing. Not only do I love to fly these, they are ideal for location checks and aerial footage.

Thomas Weissenberger, hang-glider: good weather
I spend my winter training days on Lanzarote. So my wish for Christmas is simple: weather conditions for thermal flying and dynamic soaring over this magic volcanic landscape.

Steve Fisher (right) at a CONGO premiere © Steven Stone/Red Bull Content Pool

Steve Fisher, kayaker: RC helicopter
My brother-in-law gave me a mini remote-control helicopter last year, but I broke it on the first day when I flew it into the Christmas tree. Hopefully I'll get another one of those this year!

Rafa Ortiz, kayaker: mountain bike
A bike. I've been tapping into different sports which teach me skills I can apply to kayaking. With the free time that I've been having in Mexico City lately, I've been going up to the mountain and riding downhill. I have a cross-country bike, and would love to get a proper downhill bike.

The SPOT Device, a use-anywhere emergency beacon.

Aniol Serrasolses, kayaker: SPOT Device
I really want to get a SPOT Device! It’s a life saving tool that I wanted to have for all my life. It allows you to send a help message from any place in the world. It’s going to be so useful for my upcoming expeditions around the planet!

This backpack might save you from an avalanche.

Rene Wildhaber, mountain biker: Dakine Avalanche bag
Dear Santa, it would be great if you could bring me an ABS Dakine Backpack to help me stay safe on the snow. I spend as much time as possible on skis during the winter. There is always a danger of avalanches on ski tours and freeride runs. The Avalanche Airbag is one of the best tools if something goes wrong!

This will get you out of (and into) trouble.

Will Gadd, ice climber and adventurer: new tyres
A new set of Hakkapalita 8 tyres. They’re the best tyres for safely getting to climbs fast on Canada's always-icy roads. 
And a receiver-mount winch for my truck – way better than a bumper mount! You normally get stuck going forward so a receiver mount pulls you out. 

Jhonathan Florez: a rigid carbon-fibre wing
“I want a rigid-carbon fiber wing with engines on it, so I can soar with power and do cool things for human flight! I’d also love a powered paraglider to fly around the most emblematic destinations of my country and the world.”

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