Video: Amazonia Kirimbawa, a jungle adventure race

A third of entrants failed to finish the brutal Amazon adventure race. Check the video to see why.
By Evan David

Few words conjure up dreams of adventure like a sentence containing the word 'Amazon'. Tropical jungles, dark-colored rivers, and the kinds of animals that like to bite, sting, or strangle come immediately to mind. 

To the brave competitors of the Red Bull Amazonia Kirimbawa adventure race, that sounds like a lot of fun – but only if you add in having to traverse 200km by bike, boat and foot. That was the premise of the brand-new adventure race, which attracted competitors from all over Brasil that wanted to become 'kirimbawa' – the local word for 'warrior'.

Competitors perform during the Red Bull Amazonia Kirimbawa in Manaus, Brazil on december 7th, 2013
Running at the speed of light © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

“I think the toughest part is the temperature,” says competitor José Virgínio, an ultra-runner. “It's a challenge to figure out how to distribute your energy in this cauldron!”

Cyclist Ricardo Pscheidt agrees. “You're drinking constantly. You dehydrate, you sweat a lot. I was struggling from beginning to end psychologically.”

Only two-thirds of the teams finished the 200-km course, with winning team Xingu finishing ahead of team Tucanu. But while there were only a few winners, the pictures and video make it clear – everyone who competed deserved the title of 'kirimbawa'.

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