Video: 'The Network', episode 3 — the Frankenjura

Join Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stöhr as they live the climbing dream and head to the Frankenjura.
By Evan David

The Network is a climbing documentary that reveals not only incredibly difficult vertical challenges, but the lives and relationships of the people who climb them.

Episode 3, above, follows Austrian climbers Kilian Fischhuber Anna Stöhr as they make the rounds on the celebrity circuit in their home country of Austria, where climbing is a national pasttime, and then on to the Frankenjura region of Germany, famous for offering climbs of varying difficulties.

It's there that The Network introduces us to an 'elder statesman' of climbing, Markus Bock, who's responsible for pioneering many of the routes in the Frankenjura area. 

The story then takes us to Croatia, where Bock is continually searching for new routes of all skill levels, hoping to grow the sport and increase accessibility world-wide.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more episodes from The Network. Be sure to check them out for more forearm-pumping, climbing action!

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