Video: aerial acrobatics over the Bulgarian coast

From the peaks to the seas – Veso Ovcharov and friends show off some acrobatics in ocean breezes.
By Josh Sampiero

If the mountains are about solo flights and appreciating the beauty of the landscape, then d-bagging onto the beach is all about something else — showing off all the cool things free-flying wings and their pilots can do.

For the final installment of Bird's Eye, Ovcharov and friends held nothing back as they leapt out of airplanes using paragliders, wingsuits and skydiving rigs, to the absolute delight of the highly impressed spectators on the beach.

Veso Ovcharov, Rafael Goberna and Petar Loncar © Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

While the steady ocean breezes above the seaside town of Primorsko provided safe and predictable flying conditions, jumping out of a plane with a paraglider isn't exactly easy. “Paragliding rigs aren't built like skydiving rigs,” explains Ovcharov. “They're not really strong enough to withstand a true dynamic opening mid-free-fall – the maximum speed is about 100kph.”

So Veso and friends used a technique known as d-bagging, in which the paraglider is held in a open bag by someone standing on the plane, and opens as soon as they jump out of the plane.

Although the video above is the final installment in the Red Bull Bird's Eye series, keep an eye out for more incredible images and clips from Veso and his friends as they take their wings and fly the incredible islands of Hawaii.

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