The craziest Christmas day adventures

Opening up gifts is fun, but as these athletes recall, so is having a Christmas adventure...
Santa's coming down from the skies! © Red Bull Content Pool
By Josh Sampiero

Tom de Dorlodot, paraglider
Once, my friend Horacio Llorens and I celebrated Christmas by flying our paramotors above the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. It was special as we had to fly 20km above thick jungle to get to the Mayan site. Flying above such a mystical place is priceless. Being Christmas day made it even more special.

This Santa has a different kind of sleigh. © Rene Wildhaber

Christian Schiester, ultra-runner
December 2007, in the Antarctic. After my 100km race it was impossible to fly back to South America in a snowstorm. I celebrated at Patriot Hills basecamp in -30 degree temps. I was far away from my family, but it was an unforgettable moment.

Jonny Durant, hang-glider
I do like to try and go flying on Christmas day if the weather is good. I dressed up as Santa once and flew into a field full of kids and handed out some presents and became an instant hero!

Cedric Dumont, wingsuit pilot
My best place where I spent Christmas and New Year was California. I was surfing early in the morning and flying my wingsuit the rest of the day. The perfect combination of water and air action sports.

Leo Houlding and friends celebrate in the Arctic. © Alastair Lee/

Thomas Weissenberger, hang-glider
Definitely my inter-island flight from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura crossing the sea channel 'La Bocaina', a 22km glide never before done by hang-glider!

This is Steve Fisher's Christmas card. © Steve Fisher

Steve Fisher, kayaker
I spent five Christmas Days kayaking on the Zambezi in Zambia when I lived there — but that was my normal, not crazy. But my first white Christmas three years ago – that was crazy! I flew into Jackson Wyoming from Uganda on Dec 24th, went straight to the store for some winter clothes, then went and cut my first Christmas tree. Awesome!

Rafael Ortiz walking trough the jungle
Rafael Ortiz hiking to the Big Banana Waterfall © Lucas Gilman/Red Bull Content Pool

Rafa Ortiz, kayaker
Four years ago in December, we were in India, on the border of China in a little town called Mechuka. We had a long mission ahead of us, from the Himalaya down to the plains of Assam, and it was snowing. So we waited a few days until weather eased, and started an 11-day self-supported adventure down the Siyum River.

Halfway down we wanted to celebrate Christmas, and it was raining. Sun started to set so we looked for camp. The river gave us this incredible cave where we built a big fire, set camp and had the best tuna cans and cheese we'd been saving for this special dinner.

When we got off the river, 11 days later, we found out we were lost in time. We lost track of the date, and had actually celebrated Christmas on the 23rd.

Kai Lenny has gotten JAWS on Christmas day.

Kai Lenny, windsurfer and surfer
I spent one Christmas day at Jaws in some of the biggest surf I have ever ridden in, I truly felt alive after that session! No Christmas gift is more powerful than massive Jaws — literally!


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