63 Women Break Female Skydiving World Record

Falling from the sky at over 165 mph, these daredevil women are plunging headfirst into history.
By Scott Hart

A group of 63 females have broken the World Record for the largest female vertical-formation skydive.

Representing 18 countries -- ranging from Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Germany and beyond -- this record-breaking team of 95 women operated by the numbers to set the new high-mark in women's freeflying.

Take a look at the details:

2 – Years of preparation

63 – Women in final formation

18,000 – Feet: jump start point

20-53 – Age range of participants

3 – Aircraft used to drop all women

1 – Goal: new all-female vertical-formation skydiving world record

12 – Attempts to set record

95 – Total staff of team, all female

5 – Camera flyers

18 – Nationalities represented

90 – Seconds of freefall

41 – Old record (2010)

165 – Miles per hour: max. speed reached by skydivers

For more info, visit Skydive Arizona and follow Red Bull Adventure on Twitter.


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