Gear: what you need for a jungle run

‘Light is right’ is the mantra for ultra-runner Christian Schiester, about to race in Costa Rica.
Christian Schiester, geared up © Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool
By Evan David

Christian Schiester is currently preparing for the 235km Coastal Challenge Rainforest run, a six-day stage race across Costa Rica, which starts on Sunday, February 2.

The course is set on Costa's Rica's tropical coastline and weaves into the mountains known as the Talamancas.

“I've run a jungle marathon in Brazil and the jungle is a special place,” Schiester told us before departing. “In Brazil, you have to worry about all the snakes and crocodiles, but that shouldn't be a problem here!”

Below, he talks us through the gear he needs to race hard and stay safe.

This headband was all over the world with me – it's my lucky charm!

I use sunglasses everywhere, with special lenses to protect my eyes.

RUCKSACK: Asics Lightweight Running pack
It's one of the lightest running backpacks in the world. Every competitor has to carry his own food for each stage. After the finish line, you can fill up for the next day. So I have fruits, nuts, honey, corn and salt tablets with me. We have to find checkpoints every 10km – there we get two litres of water.

FRONT POCKET: Garmin Oregon 650t GPS
In my pocket is my Garmin Oregon 650t GPS – plus a knife and emergency whistle.

Sometimes running means getting wet! © Roland Bogensperger

WATCH: Garmin Tactix
The GPS watch works great in the jungle – it´s the best product on the market now.

SOCKS: OMOTION Compression Socks
They provide medical support for my legs – they improve muscle recovery. And they also give special protection against snakes, spiders and sharp plants!

SHOES: Asics Fuji Elit
They're my favourite running shoes for trails. They're very light, waterproof, one size bigger than normal (because my feet will swell) and have the perfect grip.

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