Photos: amazing BASE jump locations

BASE jumping may be the craziest sport — but it's also the most incredible, as these shots show.
By Josh Sampiero

The sport of BASE jumping started in 1978 when film-maker Carl Boenish and friends began sky-diving off El Capitan's famous big walls in America's Yosemite National Park. Standing for Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth, the sport has grown into a world-wide phenomenom. Here's a few cool spots people have entered the earthly atmosphere.

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Beach BASE
BASE jumping in Zakynthos, Greece, shot by Kontizas Dimitrios
Beach BASE Photographer Kontizas Dimitrios' shot of BASE jumpers heading towards a beach made the top 50 in the Red Bull Illume photo contest. Says Dimitrios: “Having my own climbing equipment, I push my limits by trying to reach the edge of every exit point, if it’s at 20m or 1,000m!” © Kontizas Dimitrios/Red Bull Illume Image Quest
Hopping in a hotel
Miles Daisher BASE jumping inside the Washington DC Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center
Hopping in a hotel Miles Daisher has done some daring BASE jumps – but this is his 'most technical' by far, when he jumped inside the Washington DC Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center. © Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool
Over red rocks
BASE jumping from Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah
Over red rocks Photog Krystle Wright: “As we buzzed around Castleton Tower, I would try to keep shooting the jumpers until they were too far away and this angle above Ben Mitchell shows a cool perspective of the desert floor that's around the tower. During the canopy flight jumpers slow down to enjoy the view.” © Krystle Wright
From the world's highest mountain
Valery Rozov wingsuit flight from Mount Everest
From the world's highest mountain Valery Rozov's wingsuit exit from the world's highest mountain was the stuff of legend – the highest exit ever at 7,220m. © Thomas Senf/Red Bull Content Pool
The falling man
BASE jumping from Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah
The falling man Another finalist image from Red Bull Illume: Krystle Wright got this shot while flying around in a paramotor. “I couldn't get clear radio contact with the jumpers so it was sheer luck for me to be in position when Michael Tomchek took his 120m leap.” © Krystle Wright
Sarajevo skyscraper
BASE jumping from the AVAZ Tower in Sarajevo
Sarajevo skyscraper This is the AVAZ Tower in Sarajevo, a 130m-tall beautiful building over an iconic city. © Courtesy Cedric Dumont
Over the Pacific
Rodolphe Cassan BASE jumping in Maupiti
Over the Pacific Rodolphe Cassan completed the first-ever BASE jump on the Pacific atoll of Maupiti. © Ben Thouard
Baffin Island BASE
A BASE jumper on Baffin Island, photographed by Krystle Wright
Baffin Island BASE “Baffin Island is a dream spot,” says Krystle Wright. “Huge cliffs of 1,000m to well over 1,600m line the fjord. There's a few obstacles to deal with such as polar bears, avalanches, rock falls, blizzards but otherwise, this place offers BASE jumpers incredible terrain.” © Krystle Wright
Going down in the dark
Vincent Reffet Fred Fugen Soul Flyers KL Tower
Going down in the dark Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen of the Soul Flyers BASE-jumping team prepare for a well-lit descent in their custom-made wingsuits. © Dino Raffault - 7links
Climb and fly
Mich Kemeter BASE jumping from Monte Trento
Climb and fly Taking off from the top of a cliff is too easy? Try a mid-climb exit. Mich Kemeter takes off from Monte Trento with a handmade light weight 3.1kg rig. Says Kemeter: “I was completely clear in my mind about what was happening, before I started climbing.” © Alexandre Buisse
Hey, look at me!
Mich Kemeter BASE jumping in the Verdon Gorge, France
Hey, look at me! Slackliner, BASE jumper and climber Mich Kemeter dives under a fellow slackliner in the Verdon Gorge, France. © Alexandre Buisse
Going horizontal
BASE jumping in Australia
Going horizontal “Australian BASE jumpers earn extra credit,” says Krystle Wright, herself Australian. “The jumps are short and the landing area is filled with boulders, trees and sloping hills making for extremely technical and simply lucky landings if you don't manage to hit or break something!” © Krystle Wright
Rush hour!
Maria Steinmayr BASE jumps from the Sapphire Residence Tower in Istanbul, Turkey
Rush hour! Austrian BASE jump queen Maria Steinmayr takes off during the 'ProBase Istanbul Showdown 2K13' in Turkey. The athletes jumped off the Sapphire Residence Tower, 236m and landed on the public parking lot right next to the building. © Kontizas Dimitrios
BASE jumping in Fukukoa, Japan
Touchdown “This was an indoor basejump in Fukukoa, Japan, inside a baseball stadium,” says Cedric Dumont. “It was only 60m high.” © Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool
Jungle canopy
Cedric Dumont BASE jumping at the Gocta waterfalls in Peru
Jungle canopy “The Gocta waterfalls, 820m, in Peru, are one of the most mythical places I ever jumped,” says Cedric Dumont. “This is right after my parachute opened.” © Camillo Rozo