Photos: 10 different ways to ride JAWS

It's one of the world's most famous waves – and it's seen the world's most experimental wave-riding.
By Josh Sampiero

The first people to ride a board at JAWS weren't surfers, but windsurfers – back in the mid-90s, well before Laird Hamilton and the 'strapped crew' started towing in behind jet skis. JAWS is famous for being a massive, mean wave. But it's also been a place of crazy experimentation – and a little bit of good old fashioned showing off. Scroll down and you'll see what we mean.

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With a friend
JAWS with a friend
With a friend Ian Walsh and Makua Rothman take on a massive one. The deeper rider gets the most respect and has a better chance of getting the barrel – but takes a much bigger risk! © Erik Aeder
By body board
JAWS by body board
By body board This fearless unknown soul is tackling JAWS in way most of us would not even conceive of – on the slowest surfing device there is, a body board. We'd tell you the chances are high this guy went for a swim – but he's already swimming. © Erik Aeder
With a kite
JAWS with a kite
With a kite Multi-sport phenom Kai Lenny is one of the few to have ridden JAWS via every traditional format there is: windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding, tow-surfing, and of course, kiteboarding. © Erik Aeder
By hotdogging
JAWS by hotdogging
By hotdogging In December of 2012, Ian Walsh was bored with riding JAWS the same old ways he always had. The local marine goods store didn't have a 'banana boat' – but they did have this inflatable hot dog. Put a little mustard on it, will ya? © Erik Aeder
On a jet board
JAWS on a jet board
On a jet board What's a 'jet board'? That normal-looking surfboard has an engine hidden inside. Think of it like a jetski... without handlebars. Garrett McNamara takes the high-tech toy for a spin in the world's gnarliest wave. © Erik Aeder
Like a king
Like a king
Like a king There are few people who get any wave they want at JAWS. Robby Naish – who was around since near the beginning of JAWS' windsurfing days – is definitely one of those people. © Erik Aeder
On snowskis
JAWS on snowskis
On snowskis Kiteboarder and stand-up paddle pro Chuck Patterson is also a professional skier. On a JAWS swell a couple years ago, he decided to combine the two. Yes, he is surfing on real skis (and in real ski boots!) © Erik Aeder
On a soft-top
JAWS on a soft-top
On a soft-top 'Soft-top' surfboards are usually found piled a dozen high in the shed of a tourist surf rental shack at Waikiki – not riding waves that matter. But the fearless Jamie O'Brien isn't well-known for playing by the rules. © Erik Aeder
With a paddle
JAWS with a paddle
With a paddle When people think of standup paddling, they think of calm, placid lakes or tranquil bays. Not for Kai Lenny. He may or may not have made this drop – but mere trying to SUP surf JAWS deserves respect. © Brian Bielmann/Red Bull Content Pool
Under the lip
JAWS under the lip
Under the lip Ian Walsh is one of the pioneers of the paddle-in movement in recent years. The Maui upstart drops into a big one. © Fred Pompermayer/Red Bull Content Pool
On a gun
Kai Lenny surfing at JAWS in Maui, Hawaii.
On a gun You can't paddle into JAWS using your arms with any old surfboard. You need a big wave 'gun' – often measuring well over 3m long. New-schooler Kai Lenny drops in to a mild right at Pe'ahi. © Brian Bielmann/Red Bull Content Pool
In a beautiful ballet
JAWS in a beautiful ballet
In a beautiful ballet A tandem wave at JAWS means you have to trust your partner – but for Robby Naish and Jason Polakow, that's not a problem. The two veterans will criss-cross each other's paths as they out-run the bite of JAWS. © Bob Bangerter/Red Bull Content Pool
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