Video: David Lama was a climbing genius aged seven

Before David Lama was a world champion, he was just a kid in a red helmet who liked to climb.
By Evan David

Few have accomplished in their entire career what David Lama has done before the age of 25. After winning a world championship in 2009 at the age of 19, the climber has focused on his original passion: climbing natural rock outdoors.

Lama was born to be a climber – his father being a Nepalese mountain guide and his mother coming from the mountains near Innsbruck, Austria – and he exhibited natural talent at a young age. That talent took him towards competitive climbing early.

But recent years have seen incredible climbs in Patagonia, Alaska and beyond, including the freeing of the famous Compressor route, and the setting of a new line on Moose's Tooth.

Watch the video above to get a look at Lama's early years – and come back next week for the next instalment in this five-part series.

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