Living the high life: Luxury adventure

If your idea of adventure doesn't involve scrimping on every penny, maybe these trips are for you.
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By Evan David

Most of the time, the word 'adventure' conjures up images of thin sleeping pads on rocky ground, food cooked over a camp-fire, and a notable absence of showers. And while that's all well and good, if you're willing to put down the money, it's possible to explore the outdoors while resting in the lap of luxury. From surf to snow, here's a few ways to adventure in style.

Pick a line, any line.
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Ski by helicopter
A decade ago, using a helicopter as a ski lift was something the guys in ski porn movies did. Now, heli-skiing has become accessible for everyone that wants to plunk down a few grand on, well, what probably will be the best skiing of their life. Instead of buying a lift ticket, you pay for vertical feet.

Pick a line, any line.
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Our suggestion? Bella Coola Helisports in British Columbia. Seriously steep terrain, with plenty of powder practically guaranteed. Every day, you'll drop into a new area, meaning fresh tracks all day long. Try and get that in Vail. Once you're done shredding the steeps, you can retire to a mountain lodge with a hot tub and expertly prepared meals. This is a trip any (skilled) skier would want to drop into. Wanna go? Start here.

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Score surf from a luxury boat
OK, if you're a serious skier, heli-skiing is old news. Time for some summer fun: surfing. But how do you get the incredible accessibility of heli-skiing at the world's most remote surf breaks? Simple: get a boat. And we'd like to suggest one built for complete luxury, like the one below that includes a heli pad. (Apparently helicopters are a must-have for adventure travel no matter the sport.)

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Crowds? Not a problem when the primary way of accessing the day's surf break is way too far to paddle to under natural power. You'll get more waves than you can count – and when you need a rest, your bed is right in the water next to you. Book your boat with these guys.

These chalets are not cheap.
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Champagne in Courchevel
The American town of Steamboat, CO, owns the trademark on 'champagne powder' (yes, literally) but if you want the real stuff that you can drink, we highly recommend going to the country where it's made – France.

And if you want France's most luxurious ski experience, there's one place that stands out above the rest: Courchevel. It's home to the world's most expensive ski chalets, some of which go for over €100,000 a week – and one of the few places on earth you can find six-star hotels. (Apparently, in France, the rating goes that high.) You'll be shredding the slopes with the likes of George Clooney, and the British royals.

These chalets are not cheap.
Courchevel offers ample amounts of great skiing © Courtesty

But don't worry – in between shopping for Louis Vuitton and dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, you can get some serious skiing in – it's got easily accessible couloirs right off the lift. Start with the Grand Couloir, and work your way into the Panoramique. Then toast your achievements with some of the finest wining and dining in all of France. Ready to go? Start saving - this one costs almost half a million Euros.

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