Adventure’s coolest gear

Adventure’s all about just getting out there, but let’s be honest, cool gear makes it more fun.
Black Diamond Jetforce Avalanche Airbag
Black Diamond Jetforce Avalanche Airbag © Black Diamond
By Josh Sampiero

A true adventurer has more invested in their toys than in their car.  Christmas may be long gone, but we've gathered up a few little toys we'd love to have for our own upcoming adventures. These are among the most unique products out there. Some come with a hefty price tag like the luxury Everest tent (if you figure out how to buy one of those, let us know). But others, such as the avalanche bag, could save your life... 



Quiksilver Cypher PS+ Heated Vest
Quiksilver Cypher PS+ Heated Vest © Quiksilver

Warm up your wetsuit
Cold water making it tough to chill out in the waves? Score a battery-powered heated wetsuit vest from Quiksilver. Their PS+ Cypher Vest fits under your normal wetsuit, runs on a rechargeable battery, and provides significantly increased warmth for long sessions.

View from the Mount Everest Basecamp up to the peak
Mount Everest Basecamp © Tarquin Cooper

Camp in luxury
Most people don't go to Mount Everest for comfort. But when you've spent as much time on the mountain as Everest guide Russell Brice, you can't be blamed for not wanting to suffer. When he spotted the futuristic tents at the White Pod Hotel, he figured it'd be the perfect group gathering place for his Everest expeditions. So he got one – and even set up a DVD player, couch and bar inside.

Skull Orbic Comp H.I MIPS Hydrogen White
POC Skull Orbic Comp Helmet © POC

A smart helmet
Helmets have lifespans. But knowing when a helmet no longer provides adequate protection has been tricky – until now. High-end brain-bucket builder POC has engineered a new helmet with its own 'lifespan indicator'. Numerous small impacts, or one large impact, can reduce a helmet's effectiveness, eventually rendering it useless. But the POC has a little button on the back that, when pressed, will activate a red or green light, so you know when to replace it.

Smith Optics IOX TBO Fan goggle
Smith Optics IOX TBO Fan goggle © Smith Optics

Air-conditioned ski goggles
There's no easier way to ruin your ski day than foggy goggles. Even worse than snow down your shirt, it means less visibility, less safety, and less fun. Ski goggle manufacturer Smith's Turbo Fan series of goggles feature an almost-silent, battery-powered ventilation system that wicks away moisture before it forms. The spherical lenses offer less distortion, and the right tint means you'll maximise visibility on cloudy, flat-light days.

This could save your life
Black Diamond's Jetforce Backpack © Courtesy Black Diamond

A jet-powered avvy pack
Avalanche flotation backpacks are nothing new – they've been around for over 20 years. They serve two main functions: the inflated airbag protects the head and neck, while (hopefully) keeping the wearer above the snow and preventing burial.

However, they've also had some big limitations: the compressed air canisters used to inflate the airbag were generally only good for one-time use, and you couldn't fly with them, even in checked baggage.

The new battery-powered Black Diamond Jetforce Backpack addresses both of those issues – you can inflate it four times from a full charge, and you can fly with it.  While yet to be released on the market, it's the most ground-breaking technology to hit the avalanche safety world in a while. We want one!

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