5 Reasons to Enter Wings For Life World Run

The entire world can race together at one time for a good cause. Why not join?
Wings for Life World Run entrants prepare for the 2014 event.
Wings For Life World Run 2014: Ready, Set, Go... © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool
By Scott Hart

Here are five reasons why you should join the rest of the world in the Wings For Life World Run.

1. A Truly Global Event
The first running race in which the entire World can compete together at once. The revolutionary race format means that on May 4 at 10 a.m. UTC, and equivalent times across the globe, thousands of competitors will start to run on more than 35 tracks worldwide.

2. New Race Format
The format of the Wings For Life World Run is a first in not only running races but also of all sporting competitions. Never before have competitors been able to race against a global field of athletes, running to a single race clock. Each global track will be defined but they will not be running a set distance, as unlike normal races the finish line will be chasing them rather than them chasing it.

(Watch the video below for complete race format explanation)

This is how it works: half an hour after the start signal official catcher cars will simultaneously set off at each course, in pursuit of the runners. The pace will accelerate at determined intervals and to a rigid global schedule. When the catcher car passes a runner the tag contained in their unique race number will be deactivated and their race is over. This witling down of the field will continue until there are just two runners left running: one male and one female. They alone will be crowned the global champions of the Wings For Life World Run.

3. Set Personal Goals
The amazing thing about the Wings For Life World Run is that it is accessible to and achievable by all levels, from amateurs to Olympians.

There’s no set distance to complete and no time in which to complete it; there isn’t even a chance to take a pop at your PB, as a race like this has never been run before. You set your own race goals of distance, time and pace and as long as you stay ahead of the official catcher cars you’re still in. At the moment you’re caught though you’re out and its time to head back to the start line to celebrate!

To help you calculate a pace for this unique run format, or work out where the catcher car will overtake you you’ll find a Personal Goal Calculator on the website. Enter the distance or time you want to run, and it calculates your pace; put in your estimated pace and get your expected time and distance. The calculator will also show you where the official pace vehicle will overtake you and finish your race.

4. A Prize Beyond Price
Each race location will have both a male and female winner, as will each country. The former will receive an invitation to race wherever they like in the next Wings For Life World Run; just imagine choosing a race track anywhere in the World for your next crack at the Run.

The final male and female runners across the World will be crowned the Global Champions and will receive an award beyond price! It is a round-the-world trip, with an itinerary that takes in the thrills, sights and pleasures of the entire globe. It will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience; better than any prize before it!

5. Running for those who can’t
By running in the Wings For Life World Run you will not only be participating in an unique global sporting event but you will also be taking precious steps towards finding a cure for debilitating spinal cord injury. 100% of entry fees from the Wings For Life World Run will go towards Wings For Life, a foundation that funds research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury: According to Wings for Life finding a cure is a matter of when not if and by getting involved you too can help and support spinal cord research.

For more information or to register, visit the official Wings For Life World Run 2014 site.

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