Speedriding with Vincent Reffet and JT Holmes

Ever wondered what speedriding was about? Let BASE pros Vincent Reffet and JT Holmes be your guides.
By Tarquin Cooper

Vincent Reffet is a man who likes air. Lots of it. Over the last decade, together with his skydiving partner in crime Frédéric Fugen, he's pushed the boundaries in skydiving and human flight.

But in this video, cut exclusively for us, he teamed up with BASE jumper and skier JT Holmes, long-time friend and ski partner of the late Shane McConkey.

There's one thing they have in common — and that's a love of speedriding. The sport was conceived when a group of skiers and skydivers got together and wondered what would happen if you combined the sports.

This is what you get — a fast and hair-raising ride down the mountain that is part paragliding, part acro and part skiing. “It was a sick day,” says JT.

Watch and enjoy…

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