Into the Light: Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma

Preparations continue for one of the most challenging climbs ever attempted. Can these two succeed?
By Josh Sampiero

With the first episode of 'Into the Light', we gave you three clues: the route is big, unique, and has never been done before and likely will never be done again.

Before beginning the big project, Glowacz and Sharma go for a difficult, over-hanging deep-water solo. More than just a climbing pool party, it was a chance for the two climbers to get to know each other as they prepare to climb as partners, in an environment that's incredibly challening, but also low-risk. “It's the most playful form of solo climbing,” says Glowacz, who, by our count, fell into the water at least four times (and that's just what made the video.)

With some trainign and prep out of the way, the big project looms. Stay tuned!

Stefan Glowacz
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