Wings for Life World Run

The Only Race Where the Finish Line Chases You

Unlike traditional races, the finish line at World Run 2014 is located behind the competitors.
Two runners prepare for Wings For Life World Run 2014.
Get ready for Wings For Life World Run 2014. © Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool
By Scott Hart

On May 4, thousands of runners from part-time joggers and amateurs to professional athletes will compete in the Wings For Life World Run -- a unique race format that has no fixed distance, and every runner around the world will start at precisely the same time in 35 different locations on five continents.

The Race Format Explained

Each World Run course will have a Catcher Car that will depart from the start line 30 minutes after the participants start. All Catcher Cars will set off after the participants at exactly the same speed in all locations.

For the first hour, the cars will drive at a steady 15 kilometers per hour; in the second hour at 16 km/h; during the third at 17 km/h, and after four hours, all Catcher Cars will run at 20 km/h, until they up the speed two hours later to 35 km/h, to chase down the fastest runners.

After the Catcher Car (the finish line) has passed the runners, they head for the nearest shuttle bus for a lift back to the starting area for a well-earned pat on the back and celebration for having run for those who can’t.

To register and get more info, visit the official Wings For Life World Run 2014 site.

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