Into The light: A few more clues

Want to know the location for Into The Light? The hints here should help you on your way.
By Josh Sampiero

You've had these three clues so far – the route is big, unique, and has never been done before and likely will never be done again.

Now, for perceptive fans, with the video above and the pictures below, there's enough for you to figure out exactly what Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma plan to undertake – or at least where it is!

Ready, set, jump
Another clue... © Klaus Fengler/ Stefan Glowacz GmbH

One of the biggest hurdles has not been physical – but bureaucratic. To obtain permission to do the climb, the team had to meet with local authorities to describe the project and get approval.

Please, can we go?
That guy in the picture? He's the king. © Klaus Fengler/ Stefan Glowacz GmbH

While we know the picture above isn't the kind of climbing action you've been waiting for, we'll tell you this: the picture above the table is of a prominent figure from the country in which the climb is located.

Come back next week for the big reveal – whether you've figured it out already or not! In the meantime, enjoy the clip.

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