Weather watching: David Lama does his downtime

Patagonian weather windows are few and far between, but it’s not all cloud gazing for David Lama.
By Josh Sampiero

David Lama doesn't often drink beer starting at noon – but when you're waiting for clear skies in Patagonia, sometimes there's nothing better to do.

When Lama and crew arrived in El Chaltén, they knew there would be plenty of downtime as they waited for the wild mountain weather to offer them the window of opportunity they would need to safely summit Cerro Torre.

Known for its high winds, cold temperatures and fickle nature, Lama spends hours a day poring over meteorology reports. “It took a long time for me to able to interpret the data,” he says.

In an environment where weather can quickly go awry with potentially fatal effects, such decisions aren't to be taken lightly – but of course, the climbing community manages to fill the down-time with camaraderie, music and even a little football. So click ‘play’ and hang out with David Lama and friends as they wait for the ‘perfect weather window!’

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