Cerro Torre: David Lama climbs with a camera

Think you’ve mastered the action selfie? David Lama has probably got you beat. By a long shot.
By Evan David

As if climbing Cerro Torre wasn't hard enough, David Lama did with a camera in his hands – and we're not talking about your average point-n-shoot.

The difficult pitches on Cerro Torre meant the film crews wouldn't be able to follow them up, leaving Lama and Peter Ortner, his climbing partner, to handle some of the camera work on their own.

For Lama, it's to some degree a natural evolution of his climbing career – he's been surrounded by cameras since his early days of competition.

Watch the video above to see how Lama keeps it all together during one of the most noteworthy climbs of his career.

David Lama
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