David Lama brings ‘Cerro Torre’ home to El Chaltén

David Lama’s most demanding audience? The town that provided the backdrop for ‘Cerro Torre’.
By David B. Cooper

In the town of El Chalten, Chile, a massive crowd fills the local high school gymnasium.

The small village serves as a base for the many climbers who flock to Patagonia’s challenging peaks. After years of visiting, Lama has come to know the town and its people – and they’re his most important audience.

David Lama hanging on the belay of the last pitch of Cerro Torre's Southeast ridge.
Hang in there © Lincoln Else/Red Bull Content Pool

The crowd is here to see the result of many years’ worth of work. “I wanted to show the mindset and attitude you needed to climb a mountain like the Torre,” says Lama. “My biggest concern is that they'll feel we've shown their village and what happens down there accurately.”

And what else will they be witnessing? Lama states it very clearly, himself: “the moment I turned from a sport climber to an alpinist.”

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