Amazon Dive, Ep 2: Tall trees and gator for lunch

High-diver Orlando Duque continues on his one-of-a-kind trip down the Amazon River.
By Evan David

Gliding along the slick, oily Rio Javarí, a branch of the Amazon River, Orlando Duque and Eber Pava continue their search for the world's most unique location for high-diving. So far, it's been no easy task. “There are animals everywhere around us,” says Orlando Duque. “It is not very comfortable to be in the jungle, but that is part of our adventure, and part of what makes it challenging.”

While the trip has yet to provide the proper platform for world-class diving, it has provided a unique opportunity to meet the indigenous people of the Amazon Basin. “You learn a lot of things from them,” says Orlando, “especially the kids. They find a tree, climb up, and jump off - it's the best part of their day. They enjoy the river so much, it helps us reach another state of mind!”

Of course, that's not the only thing they learned. They also learned the locals kids keep turtles as pets, and the families cook caymans, the Amazon's alligator-esque reptile, for lunch ('but only the big ones', says a local.) But those aren't the most important lessons. Says Duque, “You also appreciate your comfortable life back home - you can't compare anything you know to the way of life of the people in the jungle!”

Meanwhile, the search for the perfect tree may almost be over - watch and see.

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