Watch a Daring POV Slackline Walk in Yosemite

Mich Kemeter traverses a 75-foot slackline 650 feet above Yosemite.
By Josh Sampiero

What does it take to traverse a 75-foot slackline, 656 feet above Yosemite Valley? According to Mich Kemeter, “confidence in the high line and inner balance!”

When the BASE-jumper, climber and, of course, slackliner nailed this crossing with friends Dean Potter and Corbin Usinger on the spire known as The Rostrum, the wind was calm and he had practiced a few times with protection before attempting a free-solo.

For Kemeter, it's all about control: “I always meditate a lot before I even think about a free solo,” he says. What's next? “I'm always looking for the next higher step towards the limit of human abilities with tools like inner balance, respect for life and a big smile for new challenges, like solo-BASE highlining or solo-BASE climbing. That means that the 'safety' I'll have will be on my back in form of a BASE-rig parachute."

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