Get deeper into The Amazon Dive: Episodes 1 – 4

Orlando Duque’s Amazon Dive went beyond a simple jump into the river. Find out how.
Orlando Duque climbs up the tree during Red Bull Amazon Diving in the Amazon, Brazil on March 11th, 2014
Orlando Duque - Action © Fabio Piva/Red Bull Content Pool
By Andrew T Crafts

Gliding along the slick, oily Rio Javarí, a branch of the Amazon River, Orlando Duque and Eber Pava are on a search for the world's most unique location for high-diving. So far, it's been no easy task.

Their journey is documented in four videos below. Hop on the boat, and come along for the ride – just watch out for things that bite (and trust us, there are plenty.)

Episode 1: Into the Amazon

Episode 2: Exploring the river
The goal was high trees and deep water. The deep-water part meant they'd be exploring during the Amazon's rainy season – which isn't easy. It means mosquitos, mud, and pretty much everything is wet. It's a constant battle to keep dry.

What they're looking for is a tree that's both high enough to make for spectacular diving, a suitable spot with enough support to jump, and deep enough water to land safely. 

Episode 3: Meet the locals – and the animals
“There are animals everywhere around us,” says  Duque. “It is not very comfortable to be in the jungle, but that is part of our adventure, and part of what makes it challenging.” We also get a closer look into the lives of the local people living on the Amazon River.

Episode 4: Paradise found
After days of rain, bugs and constant searching, the perfect location reveals itself. “It was exactly what we were looking for,” says Orlando. “A place to leap from about 25 to 27m – we're able to do almost any dive we want!” Duque and Pava proceeded with multiple dives, plunging into the murky brown water of the Amazon far below.

Duque and Pava went out in search of something unknown – and went home with one of the most unique memories of their entire life.

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