Go On an Insane Wingsuit Ride With This POV Video

Patrick Kerber does insane jumps from high places so you don’t have to.
By Evan David

Wingsuit pilot Patrick Kerber isn't the kind of guy who gets scared. That much is obvious, as he calmly jumps off Switzerland's Mt. Titlis (9,186 feet) and Mt. Fisistock (8,858 feet), landing a mile below, and almost two miles away. Lucky for us, he took along his GoPros for some insane helmet-cam footage.

We don't know what it's exactly like to see the Swiss Alps from the point of view of a bird of prey, but this has got to be close. He definitely scared a few mountain goats (and us too!) as he raced over rocky cliffs and rarely touched grass fields.

Last year, Kerber set an altitude distance record with a wingsuit BASE jump off the Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps. In an interview following that flight, 10,629 feet between exit point and landing, he described the amount of research and calculation involved in such extreme wingsuit flights.

"When I started with wingsuit BASE jumping my buddy and I jumped a lot with GPS systems," he said. "We quickly learned how to measure everything important in the topographic maps. At this point only a few jumpers were able to do this. So we started to calculate pretty much every possible or impossible spot in the Swiss mountains. But we were held back by the rules of gravity. Those early wingsuits didn’t fly very quickly upon take off. You were truly falling at first, then going into a transition to fly forward."

Better wingsuit technology has opened up the landscape, and exit points that were once thought of as impossible are now possible. "But opening up a new exit point always remains dangerous," said Kerber.

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