You’ll never believe these crazy camping spots

On the rocks and in the snow – when you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep. See 10 crazy camping spots.
Caving Expedition to explore the caves of the Tongzi mastersystem in northern Wulong County, Chongqing Province of China
Cave camping © Robbie Shone
By Marc Schwarz

Camping is often playing second fiddle in the adventure world – a backdrop to bigger adventures like BASE jumping, mountain climbing, or climbing. But it's rightfully an activity unto itself – especially when you're doing it like the people below. From sand to snow, they've found an interesting place to fall asleep – enjoy! 

Circular Stars
When you're in Africa, it's not a bad idea to camp on the top of your car. Why? Nobody wants a friendly visit from the local wildlife. Stars dot the sky in the Namib desert.

Sure, we can sleep here for the night
Stars and cars © Patrick Galibert

A wall to rest on
Stefan Glowacz and Robert Jasper enjoy the morning scenery of Baffin Island's Buchan Gulf. Check our more amazing images on

Stefan Glowacz enjoying the great view in the morning.
Stefan Glowacz - Lifestyle © Klaus Fengler/Red Bull Illume

'Glamping' means 'glamorous camping', which isn't what we call adventuyre. But for these guys it means 'glacial camping'. Just a short drive away from the North American city of Seattle sits the Sahale Glacier. Early morning sun hits the mountains behind.

High Altitude Camping between rocks.
Sahale Glacier Camp © Andy Porter Photography

Sleeping in the snow
This guy. We don't know what the award is, but he wins it. What, you didn't know you could buy a sleeping bag for sub-zero temperatures?

Sleeping in a winter sleeping bag on snow in Alaska.
Sleeping under extreme cold conditions © Carl Donohue

Rocky rest
When you're climbing, every bit of gear you need must come up with you. So who needs a tent? Not these guys.

Meredith Jabis and Brian Russell resting in their sleeping bags.
Camping in Sierra Nevada © Ken Etzel

Sleeping on Cerro Torre
Looks like David Lama decided to go tentless on Cerro Torre. Why? Alpine-style climbing is all about being light and fast - and that means stripping down your gear to just the necessities. 

Wakeup view of David Lama and Peter Ortner.
Who forgot the tent? © Corey Rich/Red Bull Content Pool

Blizzard bivvy
Now let's talk about someone who didn't forget the tent: Alastair Lee and his team from 'The Last Great Climb', who are sleeping while suspended from a wall in Antarctica.

"Anyone got the number for pizza delivery?" © Alastair Lee/

Ice cave camping
Yes, ice hotels are actually a thing, but true adventurers have long known about the warmth that snow and ice caves can provide. 

Put it on ice © Alastair Lee/

Bikes and bags
Who needs tents? Over the last few years British adventurer Alastair Humphreys has pioneered the concept of 'microadventures', encouraging people to head into the outdoors and spend a night under the stars for a short, non-expensive adventure fix. Unfortunately in Britain at least, this can also mean under the rain. But that's all part of the experience.

Alastair Humphreys sleeping outdoors just in his sleeping bag
Who needs tents? © Alastair Humphreys

Amazing elements: Fire, water, sand and ice

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