Watch the world’s very first ‘rodeo’ BASE jump

No way! Mich Kemeter hitches the first BASE ‘rodeo’ ride - on the back of another wingsuit pilot.
By Tarquin Cooper

Wingsuit BASE rodeo? If you were wondering, like we were, click the play button above and let Mich Kemeter show you.

From a 1,000m jump from Monte Brento near Lake Garda in Italy, the BASE jumper and slackliner – wearing just a regular flying suit –  jumps off at the same time as wingsuit flyer Ben Devine and then successfully hitches an eight second ride on his back before pulling his chute.

“So far no one has done this before and we believe we're the first and only ones,” Mich tells us.

“So many things could have gone wrong. It was a lot more difficult than a normal jump. If I had put my legs too far out of the wingsuit we would not have got the right angle and the right forces to catch the air and we would have tumbled down. It required perfect symmetry.

“But it was a perfect moment of living life to the full. We were totally relaxed and, for me, it was really special.”

Next up on the flyer's hit list? Some solo BASE climbing and free solo highlining. Stay posted for more details of these and other epic adventures.

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